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A standard Point of Sales solution for a wide range of industries and application areas in distribution and single warehouse management.

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Inventory Management

Know exactly where your inventory is and how much you own at your store, whenever and wherever you need it.

Purchase and Receiving

Build purchase orders that suit you and smoothly enforce accuracy when shipments/goods are received.

Posting Inventory Adjustments

At the end of an accounting period (month, year, etc.) or any time between, the inventory account is adjusted so that the stock balance will report the quantity on hand of the goods actually counted by the physical inventory.

Credit Control Made Effective

Make sure that customers take longer than your payment terms (due dates) stipulate to pay your invoices and issue cash invoices for received payments from creditors.

Advance Payments Made Easy

Issue an advance invoices before interim and final payments applying percentage of the agreed contract values or quantities of partial deliverables.

Create & Deliver Proforma Invoice

Create a price offering document to a customer for products or services and converts a document to VAT invoice when a customer agrees within the given time frame.

Integration With Peachtree (2007+)

Seamless integration with Peachtree sales, customer accounts, sales assistants and chart of accounts.

Other Advanced Features:

• Barcode enabled
• Manage customer accounts
• Role based security features
• Customizable Reports, Exportable
• Automatic backups


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Minimum Requirements

• >=2.0 GHz Intel (or equivalent) processor, with 2GB of RAM
• 2 GB of disk space for Point of Sale and SQL Server installation
• Windows XP and above
• Super VGA or higher resolution: at least 1024x768 pixel resolution
• USB or Serial Port
• 32-bit is only supported with Windows, if there is no Serial port to connect Fiscal Printer

Integration/compatibility Requirements

• Microsoft Word and Excel integration requires Microsoft Word and Excel 2007 and above.
• Peachtree Accounting, Quantum, 2007 or above pre-installed
• Hardware requirements based on the installed Peachtree Accounting version

Optional Requirements

• Order Printers
• Touch Screen Computers
• Kitchen / Order Displays
• Barcode Reader/Scanner

Comming soon

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