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Benefit from a more efficient, fully adaptable POS from taking orders of a table and write it down on paper and/or entering it in at work station to instantly send orders to the barista or kitchen, ensuring orders are completed quickly and accurately until the final bills are requested with options of either as a split or merge.

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Point of Sale made easy

Designed to process sales quickly and efficiently, giving your staff more time to spend with your customers.

Adjustable Menu and Table Layouts

Create and edit your menu items complete with photos, descriptions and prices in minutes, with our easy-to-use interface. With user-friendly table management functionality, combining tables with waiters is as simple as tap and drag.

Ordering and Payments made easy

Offers simplified tableside ordering, so you can improve service and get customers their orders faster by eliminating ordering mistakes. Tableside orders are sent directly to kitchen or bar order displays or allows printing on order printers. It offers flexible payment options using bill splits or merges.

Pricing options

Use various pricing options available; Customer Based, Scheduled (Showtime), VIP Places, Occasions, Happy Hour, discounts and service charges.

Holding Invoices

No need to print an invoice every time a customer orders; only use the ‘Hold Option’ to hold and wait tableside orders until the customer requires an invoice. It is easy to keep the history of each hold orders removed without being invoiced for auditing and discrepancies reporting.

Follow up Invoice Paid Status
Integration with Peachtree (2007+)

Cashiers can easily follow up the paid status of issued invoices for the time gap between invoicing and the actual cash receiving from a customer.

Integration with Peachtree (2007+)

Seamless integration with Peachtree sales, customer accounts, sales assistants and chart of accounts.

Other advanced features:

• Barcode enabled
• Manage customer accounts
• Role based security features
• Customizable Reports, Exportable
• Automatic backups


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Minimum Requirements

• >=2.0 GHz Intel (or equivalent) processor, with 2GB of RAM
• 2 GB of disk space for Point of Sale and SQL Server installation
• Windows XP and above
• Super VGA or higher resolution: at least 1024x768 pixel resolution
• USB or Serial Port
• 32-bit is only supported with Windows, if there is no Serial port to connect Fiscal Printer

Integration/compatibility Requirements

• Microsoft Word and Excel integration requires Microsoft Word and Excel 2007 and above.
• Peachtree Accounting, Quantum, 2007 or above pre-installed
• Hardware requirements based on the installed Peachtree Accounting version

Optional Requirements

• Order Printers
• Touch Screen Computers
• Kitchen / Order Displays
• Barcode Reader/Scanner

Comming soon

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