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Inventory and Delivery Management


Designed to help today’s multichannel retailers, ongoing success centers on having a POS system that can perform smarter, faster and more efficiently all while interacting seamlessly with other downstream systems and sales channels with multi-warehouse management and distributed sales outlets.

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Item management

You can store your products organizing them into departments and groups. Insert your items manually, or rapidly import them from a spreadsheet. By using product groupings you can also set up and manage discounts easily for whole groups of items with just a click.

Addressing The Multi-store Challenge

If you own more than one store, you know all about the challenges of maintaining an up-to-date, accurate information network across your entire business operation. PEDS EE incorporates a multi-store software module that’s designed specifically for businesses with more than one outlet, or for collective groups of store owners.

Store Transfer

Enables transfer of stock between different locations within your business. When one of your stores is out of a specific product a request can be sent to other locations. Make sure that you always have sufficient stock in all of your stores by transferring orders between your outlets. Decrease the chance of out-of-stocks and ensure your customers’ satisfaction.

Goods Receiving

Build goods receiving entries that suit you and smoothly enforce accuracy when shipments/goods are received.

Centralized Price List Management

Another feature created to make managements life easier. Create as many price lists as you would like from your one inventory catalogue in the system. Price lists can be associated with time periods, customer groups, or product groups, and can be turned on and off for easy re-use in the future. These prices can be then applied to each branch outlets.

Easy Point Of Sale

Flexible POS solution will optimize your check-out procedures and empower your staff with a host of functions. Our POS terminals speed up your daily operations and enhance your customer service by automatically calculating offers, promotion prices and special prices for loyal customers. Become more flexible and accept multiple payment types, such as cash, cards, and foreign currency. Access your inventory and sell faster by using barcodes, or just with the touch of a button.

Integration With Peachtree (2007+)

Seamless integration with Peachtree sales, inventories, customer accounts, sales assistants and chart of accounts.

Inventory backend features for Retail Operations

• Min/Max reordering
• Multiple price lists support
• Inventory Transfers
• Store Requisition
• Fully featured Supplier Purchasing & Receiving
• Across company/branches stock visibility
• Supplier database

Get The Full Report When You Need It

Imagine the luxury of arriving at your central office in the morning and having all of the management reports from each store location, plus multiple report showing totals for your entire operation. With PEDS EE Software, you can easily generate department summaries, store balance reports, sales and inventory totals on a daily basis without leaving your office.


• Sales History
• Sales Breakdown by Branches
• Lost Invoice Tracker
• Purchase History (Yearly/Monthly)
• Planning(Delivered/Undelivered)
• Remote Branches Connection Status
• Notifications

Inventory Backend Features

• The movement of inventory between locations
• Products that are currently moving out
• Stock Adjustments
• Goods that are running low
• Min/Max reordering
• Fully featured Supplier Purchasing & Receiving
• Across company/branches stock visibility
• Supplier database


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Minimum Requirements

• >=2.0 GHz Intel (or equivalent) processor, with 2GB of RAM
• 2 GB of disk space for Point of Sale and SQL Server installation • Windows XP and above
• Super VGA or higher resolution: at least 1024x768 pixel resolution
• USB or Serial Port
• 32-bit is only supported with Windows, if there is no Serial port to connect Fiscal Printer

Integration/compatibility Requirements

• Microsoft Word and Excel integration requires Microsoft Word and Excel 2007 and above.
• Peachtree Accounting, Quantum, 2007 or above pre-installed
• Hardware requirements based on the installed Peachtree Accounting version

Optional Requirements

• Barcode Reader/Scanner

Comming soon

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