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Elegant Front Desk


Guests may forget what you said but they'll never forget how you made them feel and your reputation begins the moment a guest makes contact with you. Elegant front office will organize and empower the hub of the hotel by enabling your team to feel comfortable and creates an outstanding experience to your guests.

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Benefits Of Elegant Front Office

• Live report on all Dashboards
• Easy to reserve and confirm
• Check-In / Check-out
• In-house guest management
• Merge and split folio
• Room Assignment
• Folio Management
• Posting & Invoice
• Night Audit
• Reports
o Yield Management
o Business Performance follow up


• Fiscal Printer
o BMC TH34, Daisy, Aclas, Galeb
• Door lock
• Channel Manager


Comming soon

Minimum Requirements

• >=2.0 GHz Intel (or equivalent) processor, with 2GB of RAM
• 2 GB of disk space for Point of Sale and SQL Server installation
• Windows XP and above
• Super VGA or higher resolution: at least 1024x768 pixel resolution
• USB or Serial Port
• 32-bit is only supported with Windows, if there is no Serial port to connect Fiscal Printer

Integration/compatibility Requirements

• Microsoft Word and Excel integration requires Microsoft Word and Excel 2007 and above.

Comming soon

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